When remodeling a kitchen, there are various reasons why you should give careful consideration to cabinet refinishing. Among the numerous benefits are significant savings in regard to time and money, plus, giving you the opportunity to express your creativity. This will give you more resources to play with once your kitchen cabinets refinishing job is complete.

What Are the Benefits of the Local Cabinet Refinishing in Hayward, CA 94545?

Saving money is an obvious advantage when it comes to kitchen cabinet refacing. Assuming your old cabinets are in good condition, stripping them and refinishing both the frames and doors is cheaper than buying new cabinets. Most handy DIY enthusiasts can do this themselves, which means saving more money by not hiring a professional to do the work for you. It is not uncommon for a refacing project to be cheaper by less than a quarter of what it would have cost to buy new kitchen cabinets and get them installed professionally.

Quality Kitchen Refinishing in Hayward, CA 94545

Brand new kitchen

You will find also that choosing to have your kitchen cabinets refaced means your kitchen is back to working order faster. In point of fact, there is no reason this type of project will take no more than a weekend to do. Removing doors and stripping them can be done in about an hour, give or take. Once they have been primed, they can be either repainted or restained.

In the interim, you should be able to move on to the second stage, which is the framework. There should be no need to remove these from their positions. You can paint, strip, paint, and restain them whilst they are hanging on your walls, which saves even more time. The next day, you can put on the new hardware on doors and re-hand them. So your kitchen should be back to working within 24 hours.

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