A cabinet contractor or maker makes freestanding wood furniture and custom built cabinets. People in this professional will meet with clients and create cabinets to each client’s specifications. Although different wood, material, and styles are used, a custom cabinet contractor will generally do the same tasks with every job.

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Modern big kitchenThe first thing they will do is to measure a client’s interior space, this ensures all the finished cabinets fit perfectly. Then, they will mock up drawings of what the finished product looks like. Preparing a list of materials and tools will save them a great deal of time. The cabinet makers will then choose the wood and other items needed in order to create a quality product, and stay on a budget.

As they install the completed cabinets, they will use an assortment of tools to cut, shape and install the cabinets. They will need the likes of nails, screws, glue, dowels and fasteners to create a finished product. After which they will apply the hardware before they hang the cabinets. Fitting the cabinets with existing appliances is a crucial skill for anyone with this job.

Every cabinet contractor generally starts out as an apprentice, and will work alongside a more experienced cabinet maker, grade 12 or the equivalent, in addition to work experience and passed exams will be needed for apprentices. People in this professional can work in a commercial or residential setting or both. They could also repair or refinish wooden furniture and cabinets, and not build new pieces.

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Some cabinet makers only specialize in specific industries like crafting wooden interiors for planes for airlines. Most will have their own portfolio so they can show to potential clients to market their services.

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