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Things to Prepare Before Refinishing Your Cabinets

Many homeowners today choose to refinish or restore their cabinets instead of doing a total kitchen replacement. However, before signing the contract, you should know what else to prepare. Are you ready for the cabinet refinishing process? Here are some things to prepare before refinishing your cabinets:

On-Site Prep

Before the refinishing process, you should cut or remove all the cabinets’ doors, hardware, and handles. You might refinish your cabinets if they have such things attached. In this case, you should have them removed before the process. You can do this with the help of a professional refinishing company. They can do this for you.

Remove the Doors and Handles

Removing the doors and handles is the first step before refinishing your cabinets. Remove the doors and handles so that the refinishing process will be smooth and will not put extra stress on the cabinets. Once you remove the doors and handles, you can install new ones once the process is done. Call professionals to help you.

Unload the Truck

Before the refinishing process, you should unload the truck. Be sure you unload it in a place where it will not inconvenience anyone. You can store the materials there. As such, you will not have to move the full truck to get the supplies. Also, don’t forget to remove any clutter in your home so you can focus on the refinishing process. If you have clutter in your home, you won’t be able to do the refinishing process properly.

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